Are you part of the WoF forum?

Hello! I'm Peridot; a loyal FanWing of the WoF MB. I decided to join this forum just because. I mean, I like the book, so I'll probably be cool with you guys. If you could introduce yourselves, I'll know what to call you if I ever need to summon you or whatever, so I'd like it if you told me your forum nickname.


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"wof game in a nutshell: uuhhhh i dunno man dragons going shoot shoot with mouth at other drragon" ~Marx, 2k17


Pronouns: she\her

Joined: Valentine's Day, 2016

I'm Sea, or Sea Heart.

I'm Ice/ Ice Heart.

I'm Misty Heart, or Mist/Misty, one of their good flipsides.

I'm Frosted Heart, you can call me Frost or Frosted, and I'm the other good flipside.

You might have seen us around WoF, but we also hang out around here and Upside-Down Magic. Soon we'll be advancing to Spirit Animals, too.

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 Sea Heart  

Dreams are dangerous. Messages, said underwater. So impossible to understand.

Darkness in the Dawn

"I don't want to trail in the shadows behind you. I don't want to lead in the light in front of you. I want to walk side by side with you."