This Is Jasper. A newbie. I'm going to try to make friends across the MB. I'm starting here. If you wish to get me know better, we'll chat here. This is my schedule.


 I have traveled briefly through all the MBs and want to make friends there. I will spend four days at each MB. If you want to reach me, you can find me on these MBs in this order:


April 27 - May 1: Tombquest

May 2- May 4: 39 Clues

May 5- May 9: Infinity Ring

May 10- (I'm going back for my birthday) May 15: Wings Of Fire

May 16- May 20: Jedi Academy

May 21- May 25: Graphix

May 26- May 30: Woof

May 31- June 3: Magisterium

June 4- June 8: Mark of the Theif

June 9- June 13: Minecraft

June 14- June 18: Goosebumps

June 19- June 23: Magical Creatures

June 24- June 28: I Survived

June 29- July 3: Upside-Down Magic

July 4- July 8: Foxcraft

July 9- July 13: Bearhaven

July 14- July 18: SHS

July 19- July 23: Shadow House

July 24- July 28: Josh Baxter

July 29- August 2: Wish

August 3- August 7: Worlds Collide



On August 8th, I will return to the SAMB! If I reach an MB and I do not like it, I will return to the SAMB for the amount of days I have left before I travel on. See you on june 19!

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